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Second Edition: Black to Rest Yoga and Spa Retreat to the Eastman Spa in the Eastern Townships of Quebec

September 12 - September 15, 2024

Do you love Yoga, Meditation and Rest? You are in luck! You can now travel internationally with The Yogini Nancy to partake in once in a lifetime yoga retreats coupled with local adventures.

Black to Rest Yoga and Spa retreat (Second Edition):
Inspired by the work of Tricia Hersey, author of "Rest is resistance: A manifesto",  and the Resmaa Menakem, author of My grandmother's Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to mending our hearts and bodies", the Black to Rest Retreat is a gengle gift for your overstimulated nervous system. Giving you the opportunity to disconnect and rest, while enjoying the company of like minded people. From September 15th, 2024 till September 18th, 2024 treat yourself to this restoring, rejuvenating, and restful retreat  while you enjoy the fall foliage in the beautiful Eastman Spa Estate. 
Remember, rest is your birthright and you deserve to be well.
On the menu:
  • Slow morning Flow *
  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Evening Yin Yoga practice *
  • Prepared meals with Spa Eastman's legendary Tonic Food
  • Time at the Spa
  • Optional treatments
  • Optional Hike on the Eastman Spa Estate
*Yoga classes will be at all levels in both French and English
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Past Retreats

First Edition: Black to Rest Yoga and Spa Retreat- Eastman Spa Eastern Township QC

September 2023


"I met Nancy at the Black to Rest retreat in October. For

many reasons it was important for me to be on this retreat as a black woman myself. Nancy is very welcoming, knowledgeable, passionate and caring. I went on this retreat with my mother who had an injury earlier this year and I was pleased to see how easy it was for Nancy to accomodate her and offer alternate positions when needed. I highly recommend and look forward to taking more classes."

 — Johnelle

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Rest and Recharge - Panama

August 2022


"I had been injured many years prior by a yoga teacher who had repositioned my body without asking for permission. Yogini Nancy was able to win my trust and restore my faith in this beautiful form of self-improvement. When I returned home I found that the practice with Nancy had informed my ballet practice and even just how I felt walking down the street!!! She has an adorable personality, is extremely well-prepared, and is a good soul."

 — Roselle

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