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Hatha Yoga
A more traditional way of practicing yoga, with posture holds for various lengths, a focus on breath and physical alignment. The practice is designed to reduce stress, increase self-awareness and build strength and balance.

Trauma Informed Yoga
Trauma-informed yoga is an approach to creating a safe, supportive space in which students can learn emotional regulation skills through connection with the breath and increased body awareness. This practice is all about stability and safety.

Yin Yoga
Is a quiet, meditative practice with long, deep holding of passive poses. Using mindful muscle relaxation, yin postures target the connective tissue nourishing joints, ligaments, and fascia promoting the healthy flow of chi (energy).

Pre-natal Yoga
Includes gentle poses, deep breathing, relaxation and meditation that may be practiced through all trimesters (clearing any medical issues with the care provider).

Post-natal Yoga
The class includes postures for mom to help regain abdominal strength, body flexibility and tone. Enjoy fun yoga, songs and gentle massage with babies to help bond & relax.

The course teaches the basic elements of mindfulness meditation. The class is a balance of theory and practice.

Vinyasa Yoga
Vinyasa ( translates to “flowing with breath”) is a dynamic style of Hatha yoga which joins physical postures, or asanas, with inhales and exhales, creating a steady internal rhythm for the practice. Our Flow classes are designed to cultivate heat in the body with creative sequences involving sun salutations, standing and seated postures, back bending, arm balancing, and a strong focus on the power of breath awareness. Flow yoga classes tend to be more vigorous and aerobic.

Gentle Yoga
Perfect for people who want to try yoga for the first time or for those who are looking for a softer approach to their practice. In this classwe will combine gentle yoga poses with breathing exercises and restorative postures to stretch and strengthen the body, reduce stress and calm the mind.

We start off the class with a short Yang (active), muscular, and energizing practice and then spend the remainder of class practicing Yin. Yin is a quiet, inward practice that uses long, passive holds to get into the deep connective tissues. Emphasis is on the hips, groin & low back as well as stimulating the lower body meridian lines. An absolutely beautiful way to let go of the stress and tension of your day.

Public Speaking

To book me for a speaking engagement or to inquire about my speaking fees, please submit your requests to [email protected]. I lecture on the topics of Yoga and Justice, Yoga and Mental health, Antiracism and Inclusion in the wellness industry.



If you are already a teacher or currently training to become one, I also offer group mentoring. Please get in touch.

Yoga Teacher


I offer teacher training on 'Diversity and Inclusion in the Yoga Industry', 'The Legal Business of Yoga', and 'Yoga and Justice'. To inquire about this service in your Yoga Teacher Training, please contact [email protected]

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