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Give your practice a Home

Yoga is a journey home to our essence, to who we truly are outside of what society dictates.


My mission, as a yoga teacher, is to bring you home to your higher Self. I intend to bring you to a place where you are at peace with yourself and others. For me, the practice of yoga should always point the practitioner towards liberation.

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Online Studio

A Journey Home:
Meditation Package




6 months of unlimited access to 10 pre-recorded Meditations



A Journey Home:
Yoga Class Package




6 months of unlimited access to 10 pre-recorded Yoga Classes



"Nancy is an incredible yoga teacher and a pleasure to work with. She truly cares about everyone and prides herself on the experience she provides to her students. It’s always a pleasure being around Nancy."

Brandon, The Grove Campus

"Nancy is an exceptional teacher whose influence has significantly influenced my path toward self-discovery. Each class and discussion leaves me feeling inspired and empowered to take meaningful positive action."


"Nancy is super professional, an excellent yoga teacher, punctual and deserves to be recognized! I highly recommend his services, especially if you are a business looking for qualified instructors."


“We are all just walking each other Home.”

— Ram Dass


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